The Best Countries to Find Work with a Sonography Degree

If you are considering getting a bachelor of medical sonography degree, you may want to relocate overseas to see a bit of the world while you are still young. Not only do you need to consider which countries you could easily find work in with a sonography degree, but there are other considerations to be aware of as well. Let’s talk about those first. Then we’ll look at where you can take that ADU Online bachelor of science in diagnostic medical sonography.

International Work Agreements for Foreign Nationals

While most countries have legislated work agreements for US citizens working in their country, the first thing to do is check into whether or not they easily issue work visas to foreign nationals. Some countries are very strict on issuing these because they have huge unemployment problems among their own citizens; other times they just are reluctant to issue work permits to foreign nationals. That being said, a degree from a top notch American university goes a long way in obtaining work permits in many countries that lack professionals in key fields such as medicine.

Does the Country You Are Interested in Accept Your Credentials?

Just because you have an online medical sonography degree from a leading educational institution in the United States doesn’t mean that other countries will readily accept your credentials. The same holds true in the reverse here at home. While med students come to the United States with a degree that would qualify them to work as a doctor in their own country, we often require them to take a few courses at US medical schools and sometimes do their residency here. When it comes to sonography, this may not be the case, but you do need to check this out first.

The Best Countries to Find Work in Sonography

Unless you are bilingual, or multilingual as the case may be, it would probably be in your best interest to seek employment in a country that speaks English as a primary language. Good options would include:

  • Canada – in great need of sonographers
  • The UK - in great need of sonographers
  • Australia - in great need of sonographers
  • New Zealand
  • Any of the Caribbean Islands, including Jamaica, Puerto Rico and the Bahamas
  • India and Pakistan

Why India and Pakistan? Although English is not their primary language, the United States does an untold amount of business with these nations, as does the UK, Canada, Australia and other English speaking countries. Schools in these countries teach English from primary grades on and you will find that most people in India and Pakistan speak English as well as most of our own nationals! (This is why so many call centers are set up in these two nations.)
So then, before deciding which country you’d like to work in with your medical sonography degree, check out whether or not they will issue a work permit, if they accept your credentials and finally, whether or not you will be able to communicate well in that country.

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