2016‘s Top Destinations for Medical Tourism

Medical tourism is the term for travelers who go to other countries to receive more affordable medical care. But certain countries are more popular than others because they‘re able to provide you with the treatments you need without causing any side effects or complications along the way. So if you‘re in search of a country where you can receive a medical procedure at a more affordable rate than you can get at home, continue reading for 2016‘s top destinations for medical tourism.


India is a country to go to for Western medical treatments, as well as alternative therapies like Ayurveda. Many of the hospitals are accredited by NABH and JCI, and they hire nursing professionals who graduated from the best schools and programs like doctor of nurse practitioner programs and DNP executive leadership programs online. There‘s hardly any waiting time, so you‘ll receive your diagnosis and be able to schedule your treatment right away

Costa Rica

Even though most people think of Costa Rica as the ideal vacation destination, it has become one of the most popular destinations for medical treatments. It boasts high quality medical infrastructure, providing transparency and stability that you can‘t find in other nations. And it‘s also known for providing a range of diagnostic tests that can accurately assess your condition. Expect to pay moderate prices and enjoy shorter wait times when compared to other countries as well.


Malaysia has been considered one of the top health and medical tourism destinations on the planet for two years, and it has even won international awards and accreditations because of its reputation and credibility.


The hospitals in Mexico have professionals on who have graduated from some of the best schools in the world. As a result, Mexican clinics and hospitals end up treating over a million foreigners every year, but many of them are individuals of Hispanic descent who come from states like Texas, Arizona, and California. Those patients are able to receive affordable medical treatments, especially when it comes to weight loss surgery and dental work.These are just a few of the top places in the world where you can go to receive much-needed medical treatments, whether you have an illness that needs to be cured or you are hoping to get more affordable plastic surgery. Remember to research your doctor and medical facility thoroughly before making an appointment, regardless of where you are planning on getting your medical care.


If you‘re in need of medical treatment within the reproductive or orthopedic field, Germany is the place to go. This country boasts lower prices, especially when compared to the U.S., and the health care system there provides discounts to foreigners. Plus, the wait time is not as long as the time that you would have to wait in other nations. Overall, Germany boasts a good reputation when it comes to professional treatment, and you even have the option to remain in the hospital to recover after a surgery so that you can avoid complications.

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Top Destinations for Medical Tourism
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