Leading the Medical Tourism Industry

MediTravels is a global company providing a world class, high quality, customized medical care at affordable cost. We help patients to connect with leading local and international hospitals to provide outstanding medical care along with the rich cultural heritage and historical facets of the hosting country.

 Leading the Medical Tourism Industry is more than a statement at MediTravels. It means providing the best experience for our customers and franchise owners without compromise. It’s about reaching financial and personal goals while maintaining a commitment to integrity. It’s about creating businesses that communities can look to for more than just a service.

We know how to build successful businesses in the Medical Tourism Industry. Our family of companies reaches more than half a million customers through a network in U.S. and around the globe.

Our Mission
To teach our principles and systems of personal and business success so that all people we touch will lead a healthy, happy, and successful lives.

Our Commitment
We believe our success is a direct result of the achievements of our franchise owners. Our passion and commitment to our company’s values and business systems resonate through the entire organization. Leading the Medical Tourism Industry is about a shared vision of helping others achieve their goal of business ownership and finding a better quality of life.

Our Vision
To be a world class company admired for the excellence that customers,franchisees and associates experience with MediTravels.

Our Typical Franchise Owner
Our specialty is working with independent business owners and entrepreneurs who want to build stronger businesses and accomplish their financial success.

The benefit of our franchise network lies in its diversity. Our franchise owners will come from many different places and backgrounds, but share common characteristics. Our typical franchise owner is hard working family oriented, committed to ethical business practices and focused on the customer.

Strong Market that is Growing
Our business model is sound because our businesses are built on needed, repetitive services in a multi-billion dollar industry. The Medical Tourism industry has shown continued growth due to high quality, low cost, and affordable care. The industry shows a consistent growth with no signs of slowing down.

Comprehensive Systems and Support
Our comprehensive business systems are unique and customized to meet the goals of our franchisees. When you join our family as a franchisee, you’re tapping into a wealth of resources that cover every aspect of running a business.

Sales & Operations
Our Sales & Operations team helps franchisees to change from being independent to a franchise independent by providing processes and systems to manage everything in day-to-day operations. The systems cover everything from dialing a telephone to talking to customers and how to successfully flow the business from daily sales to monthly and yearly sales.


Our finance team knows what is profitability and pricing. It helps our franchisees to learn and run the business — that’s what makes a franchisee successful!

Ongoing Training and Support
Our Training team provides initial training for our franchisees so they become successful business leaders in managing their franchise. In addition, the team provides on going support and guides franchisees to make their business better.

Global Peer Network
Our network of Hospitals, Clinics, Physicians, Travels Agents, Concierge Services along with franchisees offers a great amount of knowledge, resources, and help. They are a large part of any franchisee’s success.

Brand Recognition & Marketing
MediTravels has provided a system, a brand name and a common way of doing business. Our continued planning and support has helped our partners market our services to the public and allowed us to find and retain new customers.

Better Quality of Life
A Franchise owner only needs to spend about 50 percent of the week actually working in the company. Their time is free to do volunteer work in the community, spend more time with their family and just to catch up on the life they are missing at work. Our franchise will allow you to have the flexibility in your schedule that you desperately needed — and that’s been worth everything.

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