How to Change Career Paths While Living Abroad

Perhaps you have been living abroad and working for quite some time now. Maybe you chose to join the medical tourism field so you could travel to exotic destinations. While this may have been great when you first started, it can start to get exhausting and you may be ready for a career change. So is there a way to live abroad and change career paths at the same time? There absolutely is thanks to online learning institutions such as Villanova University.

Through e-learning you will be able to investigate a whole new career path, earn your degree, and then either enter that field abroad or head back home.

Choosing Your Degree - The Hardest Part

Choosing which program you wish to enroll in can be the hardest part for prospective students. Take for example Villanova University that offers tons of online degree and post-graduate degree options.

For those who already hold a degree, you may have come across the LLM and the MT degrees and you are wondering “what’s the difference between the LLM and the MT degree”? Both are popular options among students, and both can open a wide amount of career paths, so it’s really about what interests you.

The LLM degree is a Master of Law and is a postgraduate law degree. This one is recognized internationally, which means if you want to keep traveling you can. Typically, you will choose to specialize in one specific are of law such as international or tax law. This isn't a degree you can just start taking. You will need to already hold a Juris Doctorate from any law school in the U.S. that is ABA accredited.

The MT degree is the Master of Taxation degree and is meant for those who have a passion for accounting. Again, you don't start with this degree; instead, you need to already have your bachelor's degree in accounting.

Both of these degrees allow you to take a more specialized approach, which can help you find a job with higher earning potential.

Online Learning Makes Change Possible

Of course if you're living abroad you can't attend the university campus in person, which is why online learning has become so important to students. So is there a difference between an online LLM degree and on campus LLM degree? While you will learn in a different setting and on a different schedule usually, the degree itself doesn’t change.

The degree is the degree, meaning you earn it and it counts no matter which method you chose. Where it used to be that online degrees weren't always respected in the workforce, today it is embraced fully.

What’s especially great about choosing e-learning is that you can continue your current job whilst staying where you are as far as your living situation, and start to change career paths. Once you complete your degree, you’ll have all the options ready for you.

No Need to Feel Stuck

Just because you chose one career path to start with, doesn’t mean you have to stick with it for the rest of your life. Changing career paths while living abroad may be easier than you think, all thanks to the convenience of online learning.


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